Permission must be obtained from the Association prior to any alterations or improvements being carried out to your home. See section 5 of your Tenancy Agreement for more information. The appropriate forms can be downloaded from the website or are available from the office.

The Association will not unreasonably withhold permission for improvements and alterations. If you have made alterations or improvements with our permission, you may be entitled to compensation at the end of your tenancy. Our maintenance staff will be happy to advise you on any alteration/improvement proposals.

Unauthorised alterations may require to be made good at the tenant’s expense.

Right to Compensation for Improvements

When your tenancy comes to an end you may be eligible for compensation for household improvements, providing we gave permission for the work to be carried out in the first place. Compensation ranges from £100 to £4000 depending on what the improvement is and when it was carried out. Improvements that are more recent are more likely to be eligible for compensation. You can apply for compensation 28 days before the end of your tenancy and up to 21 days after your tenancy has ended.  Contact the Association for details.


Some of our properties have ceilings coated with artex, which can sometimes contain small amounts of asbestos. Asbestos does not present a danger to you or to anyone else as long as it’s not disturbed. If you are thinking about doing any alteration work to your ceilings, please remember that your tenancy requires you to get permission from the Association first and a member of our Technical team will advise you further.

For more information and to make an alterations application please log in to the MyBHA tenant portal.