Community Activity

Where we live, how we live, and the services we receive are important to all of us.

At Bridgewater, we aim to provide you with the best services that we can. To help us achieve this, we rely on our customers to tell us how we are delivering, and to help us improve.

There are lots of ways that you can tell us your views – through contacting our office; speaking to staff when they’re out and about; taking part in surveys; being a Tenant Inspector and so on.

We are committed to ensuring that there are ongoing opportunities for all tenants to participate in the design and delivery of their housing service. Tenants are encouraged to participate at different levels, from basic level quality control to making decisions at a strategic level on the Board of Management.

From time to time we will consult our tenants about various aspects of our services and will do this through public meetings, home visits where requested, surveys, telephone surveys and so on.

We will consult tenants on issues such as:

  • Repairs & Maintenance service.
  • Housing management services (allocations, estate management, tenancy agreements, tenant participation & services).
  • Modernisation and new build – including appointment of design teams where possible.
  • Rent setting.
  • Service quality.
  • Complaints procedures.
  • Any proposals relating to the transfer of ownership or management of the Association’s stock.

You may be interested in joining our Residents Forum. The Forum is made up of tenants and owners who live in Erskine. Members usually meet every 3 months in our office, and discuss issues which are common to everyone living in the area. This helps us to improve services and keep Erskine a fantastic place to live.

It would be great to have some new members on the Forum. If you have a little time to spare (or even  a lot!) and are interested in joining, then please contact our reception on 0141 812 2237 or email and leave your contact details. A member of staff will get in touch for a chat and tell you more about the Forum.

We are waiting for your call!!