Office Policies

At Bridgewater, Policies are an essential part of our Day to Day Operations.  They assist with our Regulatory compliance, give guidance for decision-making and help streamline internal and external processes. 

File Description File Size
CS04 - Board Terms of Reference-Remit 09 2023 Microsoft Word icon 96KB
CS06 - Code of conduct - Board Members- 2023 Microsoft Word icon 2MB
CS07 - Code of Conduct for Staff 2024 - SFHA Model 2021 PDF icon 256KB
CS09 - Data Protection Policy 2023 PDF icon 189KB
CS12 - Entitlements Benefits and Payments 2024 PDF icon 317KB
CS17 - Secretary Role Description 09 2023 Microsoft Word icon 94KB
CS18 - Health Safety Policy 2024 PDF icon 283KB
CS22 - Notifiable Events Policy 2023 Microsoft Word icon 100KB
CS23 - Confidentiality Policy Microsoft Word icon 34KB
CS25 - Risk Control and Management Policy 022023 Microsoft Word icon 171KB
CS26 - The Association Rules and Objects Microsoft Word icon 30KB
CS27 - Scheme of Delegation 09 2023 Microsoft Word icon 107KB
CS29 - Procurement Policy 2024 PDF icon 375KB
CS30 - Whistleblowing Policy 2023 PDF icon 184KB
CS55 - Board Member Role Description 09 2023 Microsoft Word icon 99KB
CS57 - Finance Corporate Services Sub-Committee Terms of Reference Microsoft Word icon 93KB
CS58 - Housing Land Property Services Sub-Committee Terms of Reference-Remit - 09 2023 - 1st Draft Microsoft Word icon 93KB
CS63 - Standing Orders 09 2023 Microsoft Word icon 100KB
CS64 - PPE Personal Protective Equipment Policy 2023 PDF icon 165KB
CS65 - Reservist Policy 2023 PDF icon 216KB
CS66 - Employee Volunteering 2024 PDF icon 318KB
CS67 - Social Responsibility Strategy 2024 PDF icon 236KB
FS01 - Board Members Schedule of Expenses Policy - 2019 PDF icon 214KB
FS02 - Donations and Sponsorships Policy 2023 PDF icon 162KB
FS04 - Treasury Management Policy May 2021 PDF icon 697KB
FS05 - Financial Regulations Policy 2023 Microsoft Word icon 160KB
FS07 - Fraud Bribery and Corruption Policy - 2023 PDF icon 313KB
HS02 - Income Rent Arrears and Debt Management Policy Reviewed 2024 PDF icon 133KB
HS03 - Lettings Plan 2024-25 PDF icon 179KB
HS07 - Leasing of Garages 2023 PDF icon 285KB
HS18 - Void Management Policy 2023 PDF icon 383KB
HS19 - Domestic Abuse Policy 2021 PDF icon 292KB
HS20 - Use of Tenancy Occupancy Agreements and Leasing Policy Microsoft Word icon 344KB
HS21 - Legal Action and Eviction Policy Microsoft Word icon 324KB
Joint Statement on Fair Work First PDF icon 93KB
PS02 - Legionella and Water Systems Policy 2024 PDF icon 363KB
PS12 - Factoring Arrears Policy - 2024 PDF icon 227KB