Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some of our frequently asked questions and answers

Who can apply for housing?

Anyone aged 16 years or over can apply and be placed on our housing list. You can apply by filling in a Bridgewater Housing Association application form. Application forms are also available by emailing us at or on our website.

How can I pay my rent?

You can set up a monthly Direct Debit with us, or you can pay rent via MyBha from a member of staff over the phone or in person, or register for MyBha portal to access your account. You can also pay at the Post office with your AllPay Card or Bank Transfer ( Always make sure to put your tenant account number as reference when doing bank transfer).

How can I get a rent statement?

You can view your balances and statements at any time on, or if you prefer we can send a copy out to you upon request (We may need to take some details from you in order to do so).

How can I get more involved?

You can become a member of our board, it costs £1 to become member, you can apply over the phone, from MyBHA or erquest a form by email. You can follow on social media where we will be posting regular community engagement activities. We also regularly send out text for focus groups, etc. If we have your mobile number available let us know and we can keep you informed!

How do I make a complaint?

we can take your complaint over the phone or you can write to us or email us; you can also send us a complaint via our MyBHA Portal.

People are using my bin – What can I do?

There are a few things you can do to try and prevent others from using your bin. Put a stencil on your bin with your house number/flat position. Consider putting a chain and padlock on your individual bin – but remember it needs to be removed on bin day. If you know who is doing this you could try speaking to them, however if you don't feel safe enough to do so you can also speak to your Housing Officer for advice.

My bin is missing. How do I get a new one?

You can contact Renfreshire Council on 0300 300 0300. If you are a new tenant then we may be able to provide one.

When is my bin emptied?

you can check online with Renfrewshire council

My bin has not been emptied and I would like to report it

This will need to be reported to Renfrewshire Council on 0300 300 0330.

I am struggling to get my bin out for collection due to health issues or frailty.

Please contact Renfrewshire Council on 0300 300 0300 and ask about assisted services from Renfrewshire Council.

How do I report a special uplift & bulk items for household items

You can call Renfrewshire Council on 0300 300 0300 and request a special uplift. Bridgewater Housing cannot assist with any payments required with special uplifts.

Someone has left bulk items at our backcourt/bins area/communal areas. Who do I report this to?

If you know who is leaving items in communal areas please advise us and we can contact the responsible person. You can contact your housing officer over the phone or by emailing You can also use to contact us.

My neighbour’s garden is overgrown. Who do I report this to?

If the property is owned we cannot assist with this. If the property belongs to a Bridgewater Housing tenant we will require details of the address and photos provided if possible. You can send any photos to and include the details of the address.

There are dog fouling issues within my area. Who do I report these to?

Dog fouling issues are reported to Renfrewshire Council on 0300 300 0300.

My close has not been cleaned recently

Please contact us over the phone, by emailing, or by using We can investigate the issue and raise your complaint with the contractor.

I am unhappy about the standard of cleaning carried out in my close

Please contact us over the phone, by emailing, or by using We can investigate the issue and raise your complaint with the contractor.

I am unhappy with the condition of the close and I am the only one cleaning the close.

Please get in touch with your housing officer who can discuss it with the residents of the close.

I have birds roosting in my loft /balcony/common area.

Please report this issue to our repairs team. We can investigate the issue.

I want to report people feeding birds

Unfortunately we cannot prevent anyone from feeing birds, however we can offer mediation services if you are unable to resolve the issue with your neighbour.

I have a neighbourhood noise complaint

You can log any complaints on MyBHA, or alternatively raise the complaint with us over the phone or by email. We will need details of the neighbour in question and specifics such as time and date. If the police are involved we may require a police incident case number.

Who do I report graffiti to?

If the graffiti is on our property you can report this as a repair issue. Otherwise you can contact Renfrewshire Council's graffiti squad. You can find the details here: You can also contact the police if you know who is causing the damage and raise it with our housing team.

Who do I report parking issues to?

While we cannot enforce parking rules, there are actions you can take if a car is an obstruction, is declared SORN, or is untaxed. You can report obstructions to the police Cars declared SORN can be reported to us and we can write to the DVLA to obtain ownership or communicate with the owner to have it removed. If the car is untaxed this can be reported directly to the DVLA.

I am having money problems – who can I go to?

For debt advice you can contact Citizen Advice Beureau on 0141 889 2121, or advice works on 0300 300 1238. We have an arrears leaflet you can find on our website, or if you are struggling to pay rent you can speak to your housing officer by contacting us. If you would like energy advice, we can refer you to the WISE group who can provide expert advice on fuel bills and available grants and schemes.

I think I am entitled to Housing Benefit – what do I do?

You should apply to your local council for a Housing Benefit assessment. This will look at your income and advise if you are entitled to any benefit. You can speak to Renfrewshire Council to make a claim. If you are of working age you will need to make a claim for Universal Credit this can be done online or through the DWP office. If you are struggling to make a claim, you can also contact the Citizen's Advice Beureau or contact Advice Works.

I have received an arrears letter but I am waiting for Housing Benefit – why are you sending me arrears letters?

It is your responsibility as a tenant to pay your rent. If you are entitled to Housing Benefit, you should speak to your local council to organise it and make sure it has all the information it requires from you to process your claim.

I have received a Notice of Proceedings – what does it mean and what should I do?

This means that your tenancy is at risk as legal action proceedings may begin, you should contact your housing officer as soon as possible.

What is Universal Credit – how do I make a claim?

Universal Credit is a means-tested benefit for people of working age who are on low income. If you need assistance to apply for Universal Credit you can contact Citizen's Advice Beureau or Advice Works. You should also keep your housing officer informed of any changes in circumstances.

How do I avoid Court Action for rent arrears?

If you have fallen behind with your rent payments and have built up rent arrears, it is important to act quickly. You will need to treat your rent as a priority because if you don’t pay the arrears it could lead to court action being taken against you. Court proceedings is an action that Bridgewater Housing Association will only take after exhausting every other stage for the tenant to co-operate. Contact your Housing Officer immediately. If you have received any correspondence with regards to court action for rent arrears, can contact your Housing Officer to resolve the matter.

I am in credit in my Rent Account?

If you are in credit and would like the amount refunded, you can contact our office and your housing officer will arrange for a refund. This may require you to provide some details about your account (to verify that it is you) as well as your bank account and sort code (Please note that we do not keep this information on our systems).

Does my property have home insurance?

The association has a building insurance policy for your property, but this does not cover your content insurance. Content insurance protects all the items within your home not covered by the building insurance policy. Items generally covered by contents insurance includes, carpets or floor coverings, furniture, curtains, clothing, kitchen appliances and other valuables. We recommend that all tenants and owner-occupiers have content insurance to cover the cost of replacing their possessions. We can provide you with details of low-cost content insurance provider, but we would always recommend that you shop around for the most competitive and cost-effective price.

Who do I report issues relating to vermin/rats?

Please report any vermin and rat issues to our repairs team. We will need to investigate how they are entering the property to prevent future entry and deal with the pests themselves.

How do I get a wasp nest removed?

We would only deal with these issues if there defects in the property allowing wasps to enter. In the case of wasps nests themselves you will have to contact Renfrewshire Council Environmental Health on 0300 300 0380.

I have issues with ants/beetles etc.

We suggest using pest control treatment such as Ant Powder or bug spray. If these don't resolve your issue you should contact Renfrewshire Council Environmental Health on 0300 300 0380.

Who do I report broken fences to?

Report any broken fences that divide onto bridgewater landscape/pathways to our repair team. Fences that divide gardens are the responsibility of the tenants of each property. Fences that divide onto Renfrewshire Council pathways or landscape should be reported to Renfrewshire Council. You can view online digital maps in the owners section or enquire with our factoring team.

My power is out and so is the rest of the close/street

Please contact us and we will get in touch with Scottish Power 0800 092 9290 to see if this issue has been reported, we will try to keep everyone informed through Facebook and our website of any ongoing power outages and expected resolution times.

The drain in the pavement or road is burst and overflowing.

Please contact Scottish Water on 0800 731 0840 to report these issues. We cannot assist with drainage outwidth Bridgewater Housing properties.

How can I find out where I am placed on your waiting list

We can check your position on our waiting lists. Call into the office or drop us an email and we will let you know your position. You can only enquire to your position on the waiting list once per month. We have a very low amount of empty properties at any given time which can make housing in Erskine difficult. If there are any changes to your circumstances let us know and we can reassess your priority. We will of course be in touch as soon as housing becomes available to you. If your Housing need is urgent we suggest speaking to other Housing Associations and Local Authorities to give you the best chance of housing.

Who can apply for a garage?

Anyone aged 16 years or over can apply and be placed on our garage list. You can apply by filling in a Bridgewater Housing Association garage application form. Application forms are also available by emailing us at or on our website. You don't need to be a bridgewater tenant or a resident in Erskine to apply for a garage however residents of Erskine will have priority for garages in Erskine and Bridgewater Housing Association tenants will have priority in those areas.

I want to end my tenancy for my house/garage how do I go about this?

You can end your tenancy my completing an end of tenancy form, these forms are also available by emailing us at or by logging onto the mybha portal. 28days notice in writing is required from tenant.

I am looking to find out information regarding another person

A GDPR form must be completed and signed by the subject person before any information can be discussed. If you have power of attorney you will have to provide proof of this before discussions can take place.

I am looking for advice on homelessness.

You should contact your local authority. They can provide advice and offer temporary accomodation if needed. For renfrewshire council the number is 0300 300 0222. Bridgewater Housing Association works with Renfrewshire Council and for one third of our general needs lets we request a referral from the council to assist someone that has been assessed as homeless.

I am looking for information on sheltered / Extra care costs and service

Information on both can be found on our website. Both are independent living, however in Extra Care, lunch and dinner is provided and mandatory. There is 24-hour support staff in Extra Care Housing. Extra Care is sometimes referred to as Very Sheltered Housing.